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Bringing accountability to our school district

The best teacher I've ever had—my 11th grade English teacher—still works at Westhill High School, from where I graduated in 2009.


I’m a Stamford native and three-times Stamford Public Schools graduate (Roxbury Elementary, Cloonan Middle, and Westhill High School).  The experiences I had as a student in Stamford Public Schools prepared me for incredible personal and professional opportunities.  I made lifelong friends from all walks of life.  I played team sports— basketball and lacrosse.  And, most importantly, I received a quality education, which started me on my path to becoming a lawyer.


But, the positive experience I had in Stamford’s public schools is under threat:  from bureaucrats, that want to impose their radical politics upon our education system; from administrators, that are unaccountable to teachers, parents, and students for their mistakes and failures; and from Board of Education members who don’t even read the Board packet before meetings, but still cast votes impacting our over 15,000 public school students.


Do you know what inspired me to run for Board of Education? 

  • Because I get phone calls, from Board of Education members from BOTH parties, concerned about our district and the administration, who need legal or strategic guidance on how to fight for our schools.

  • Because I get emails, from parents of current students, frustrated that no one is held accountable when our district lets their kids down.

  • Because I get text messages, from friends that work in the district, frustrated that, just days before schools are supposed to reopen, our classrooms are unprepared.


Stamford needs someone to hold our school district ACCOUNTABLE.  As a member of Stamford’s Board of Education, I’ll fight for our families and our students, to bring accountability to Stamford Public Schools, so that you and your children can have the same quality experience as did I.

Joshua Esses

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